Whiteside Museum of Natural History (display)

The Whiteside Museum of Natural History is a fantastic museum located in Seymour, Texas.  The area surrounding Seymour is one of the best places in the world to find fossils from the Permian (a time period that ended 252 million years ago, before the Triassic begun, before dinosaurs even existed).  Fossils from this area have been collected for hundreds of years, and are displayed in museums across the United States and around the world.  The museum was founded nearly five years ago when Judge Whiteside bought the local Chevrolet dealership.  He donated it to the town for the construction of a museum, so that Seymour residents would have the opportunity to learn about the fossils being uncovered in their hometown.  The museum has a spectacular lab that can be seen by the public, as well as many fossils, live animals, and life-size models of these ancient creatures on display.  

Seymour is located southwest of Wichita Falls, and the museum is absolutely worth a visit.

ADROIT Origami currently has more than a dozen origami models of prehistoric animals on display at the Whiteside Museum, see images below:

Whiteside Museum of Natural History (www.austinchronicle.com)

Whiteside Museum of Natural History (www.austinchronicle.com)