Our monthly meeting is this Thursday September 19, 6-8 pm at the Renner Frankford Library Auditorium as usual.  If you'd like to add models to the display, bring them - we set it up last Thursday but should be able to add some.

I just got back from OrigamiUSA's Pacific Coast Origami Convention, so I'll talk about that for as long as people want to hear about it.  We'll also discuss Paper for Water updates, and then I will teach you all to fold an awesome dragon design (not a crease pattern this time, step by step) - not too hard of a design, and it looks great.  Should be accessible for everyone.  Depending on how much time is left, we may do something else as well.

Bring models to show off and anything you have questions on. 

Spread the word, these meetings are open to the public!


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