Next Meeting


ADROIT Origami is functioning once again!  We have FINALLY acquired a permanent meeting place and will now be able to meet reliably every month at the same place!  We will be meeting at the Renner Frankford Library.

Meetings will be the first Thursday of every month from 6 to 8 pm in their Auditorium.  They have a projector, a big room, AND they allow food.  Our first meeting will be December 6.  December is a weird month for them, so the meeting will go from 6:30 PM to 8 PM instead of 6 to 8.  Meetings after this will go from 6-8 (we will let you know if there is an exception).

I will be teaching the Bascetta Star designed by Paolo Bascetta.  There will also be a slew of exciting announcements which will come along with a presentation if we can get the projector to work and an origami help/show-off perhaps.  There will be pizza as well!

Hope to see you there!  Spread the word, these meetings are open to the public.


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