next meeting april 22, 6-8 pm, ONLINE


Our main April digital meeting will be Wednesday, April 22, 6-8 PM CDT.

We had a little difficulty with our last online meeting, but this has been sorted out.  Our meetings from now on will be through Zoom, which will allow me to see your models if you need help, and make it easier to talk/discuss.

The link to attend is here:

We will be folding Hideo Komatsu’s wonderful dragon design (right).  6 inch kami works, (I’ve folded it from 1.5 inch paper I think…) but bigger might be better for your first fold.  It’s a very fun and clever model.

I am considering doing other Zoom classes, besides our monthly meetings.  I’ll keep you posted on those.

I will try and have this operate as close to a normal meeting as possible, meaning that I will do announcements (regarding Paper for Water, OrigamiUSA, Origami forum etc.) and you are all welcome to bring models to get help or show off, etc.

In the meantime, you should definitely take part in Paper for Water’s 30 day origami challenge!

Thanks for your cooperation and patience as we sort this out.  

Stay safe!




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